Celebrating 100 Episodes with Diane Bruni

This is unlike anything we have ever done before, we are telling the story of how yoga culture came to be in Toronto. My mom opened the first Ashtanga studio in Toronto over twenty years ago. This special edition podcast series is like a time capsule going back to a time when yoga mats weren’t sold at Walmart, when yoga was still first new.

This is part one and two of the 100th episode. This episode is like a time capsule, taking us back to the beginning of yoga in Toronto. From falling in love with yoga, to booming business, to debilitating injury and onward, this is quite the story.

Kathryn Bruni-Young’s The Mindful Strength podcast began in 2017 as a DIY project in my living room. Over the last two years it has grown into a full production that features the leading voices in yoga, movement, body politics and rehabilitation. This show also documents the continuation of my own learning as a yoga teacher turned movement educator and it provides top level information for teachers and trainers who are interested in diversifying their understanding of the body. I aim to bring complex topics to the forefront using simple language so that anyone interested in learning more about strength and movement can join the conversation.

As the podcast passes its 100th episode (airing on April 4th 2019) we are accepting donations and support so that we can continue to release high quality interviews that will remain advertisement free, sustainable and accessible to all. Here’s to the next 100 great conversations!

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