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Sweat Equity interview with Diane Bruni

Select here for the full interview. Yoga Pioneer Diane Bruni Founder: 80 Gladstone “ . . . yoga teaches us that the teacher is within . . . ” You can’t talk about yoga’s beginnings in Canada without referencing Diane Bruni, who’s been practicing since the seventies and teaching for over two decades. If you’re […]

Diane’s Philosophy On Yoga

Diane taught the first Ashtanga classes in Canada beginning September 1994. She has been teaching teachers ever since. Over the past  20 years she has learned about the effects of a long term practice, to learn more about her views on the topic this 20 min video part of the WAWADIA PROJECT tells the story.  Diane’s Yoga teacher […]

A Response to WAWADIA

I would like to once again thank Matthew for creating a forum in which we can share our stories and exchange information. Read Matthew’s blog post here There is so much to this story that it’s sometimes easier to look the other way and not be involved. I have distanced myself from the yoga community […]

Woman Upside Down

On Friday, April 13th, 2012, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I survived the treatments for breast cancer. The chemotherapy, the mastectomy, and the radiation treatments just about killed me. They call me a survivor. Did I survive breast cancer? I have no idea. No one ever knows if cancer is growing within them – […]


Hypermobility is a condition that effects 10 to 20 percent of the population; the non medical term is ‘double jointed’, and it may be present in one, or multiple joints. There is a strong genetic component to hypermobility, when I ask people about their mobile joints, they often tell me that their mother and siblings […]

Hip Hip Hooray! Part II

In the post Hip Hip Hurray! Part I I discussed hip impingement, which is a condition where the labrum (lining inside the joint) tears. The tear is caused by friction between the bone and the inner lining. Optimum alignment within the joint is not necessarily what appears to be optimum alignment of a yoga pose. […]

Hip Hip Hooray! Part I

My first blog post is related to an article about the shape of our hip bones and how that might affect the shape of our postures.  Last week I shared this article on Facebook, thanks Asia Nelson for sharing it with me. The interest it generated was encouraging. The article was written by a personal trainer […]

My Personal Practice & Explorations

I like to teach classes that are rooted in some aspect of my personal practice and explorations. One of my favourite themes these days revolves around ‘resilience’. Resilience is the ability of matter to return to it’s original shape after being deformed on account of stretching, pulling, pressure, or bending. Sounds like yoga! Resilience is […]

Happy New Year!

The beginning of the New Year is a perfect time to plant seeds in our hearts and minds for the year to come. Our thoughts become our reality, chose your thoughts carefully creating a life for yourself that is in true keeping with your highest aspirations. There’s no rush, take it one breath, one thought, […]