This course was filmed in Toronto during a 12 week pre registered series. It is part information and part experiential. It is designed for you to get down on the floor and practice along. The organic unfolding of this series will give you an insight into Diane’s new movement explorations. There are no yoga poses and few references to yoga in this series. Based on the building blocks of movement – childhood kinesiology, this course will be very beneficial to anyone looking to expand their movement vocabulary. The basics are covered in great detail, making this series accessible to beginners. This movement practice will  reinforce foundational movements that can later be expanded and improvised upon, leading to spontaneous, free, self guided intuitive movement.

How It Works
  • Each session is recorded, archived and available to watch on your own time, as many times as you like.
  • Live participation is NOT required.
  • All sessions are accessible by mobile devices.
  • After registering, you will receive an email with instructions about how to access and utilize the course.
  • Sessions consist of lectures with visual aids
What You Will Learn
  1. Week one: DNS breathing
  2. Week two: Oscillations and childhood developmental movement  2-4 months
  3. Week three: Childhood developmental movement  4-7 months
  4. Week four: Childhood developmental movements 7-9 months
  5. Week five: Undulations, Childhood developmental movement 9-10 months
  6. Week six: Linking Movement together creating Evolutionary flows
  7. Week seven: Childhood developmental movement 11 months, natural hand, atlas arms
  8. Week eight: Joint centration and contralateral movements, crawling
  9. Week nine: More on joint congruence and walking mechanics
  10. Week ten: Review of evolutionary pauses and standing and walking baby 13 months
  11. Week eleven: Spirals and rolling
  12. Week twelve: Improvised group rhizome class, closing circle and spiral

$120.00 for 20 hours of instruction (Lifetime Access!)

12 Classes presented through 12 online videos

Payment Made Through PayPal


This course is led by Diane Bruni


“This 12 week Movement Intensive has forever changed my life & the way I teach & view movement. Diane is a major inspiration to me in my journey. I have always admired her for her playful spirit, raw honesty & brave Heart! If you are looking to move more organically through daily life, I highly suggest you check this out:)” – Kristy

“Diane Bruni’s 12 week MRI course benefited my life personally in so many ways, which I didn’t anticipate going into the class. It allowed me to be more self expressive & really experience movement in a way that feels good & natural. It wasn’t just about yoga or functional movement for me. It helped me grow as a person” – Mayumi

“Although I wasn’t able to complete the course in person, the virtual option was a perfect way to learn & grow my own personal practice at my own pace, as well as give my students some fresh & exciting forms of movement! I’m so thankful that there is an option to learn such groundbreaking material from a reputable & respected teacher in our community!” – Lauren