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Realigning Yoga

New Directions in Yoga Anatomy and Movement Research
An Online Course

This online program features 9 leading experts in the field of yoga exploring the newest developments in anatomy, biomechanics, movement and stretching.

A concise and in depth exploration presented by  some of the leading yoga experts. Trina will be presenting Biomechanical exercise principles that allow you to regress or progress ANY exercise, pose or human movement…


With Diane Bruni
12 classes $120

Please join me as I guide a group of curious movers through a 12-part series on the basic movements of childhood development, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) breathing, fascia release, and somatic sensing. This course is based on scientific studies and principles, but also experimental and exploratory.

The MRI series is for anyone interested in the building blocks of movement, and may specifically appeal to yoga practitioners, dancers, and body workers. We’ll analyze and practice simple movements like rolling over, crawling, sitting, squatting, and walking, in conjunction with DNS breathing, to create a movement practice that is transferable to daily life.

We’ll also practice general principles of movement such as undulations, oscillations, elastic recoil, falling, and moving through spirals, figure eights, and circles. We’ll explore body puzzles that challenge us to think outside the box, finding solutions to movement riddles. These puzzles are wonderful ways to create a sense of connection in groups, as the individual becomes part of the whole, sharing an experience of the group moving together.

There will be some partnering exercises, exploring touch as a medium for deepening our capacity to heal and be healed. Upon finishing the course you will have more ideas, experiences and practices in your toolbox, which you can easily integrate into your own classes.

Expand your movement & yoga vocabulary

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