Yoga and Movement Retreat in Mexico

With Diane Bruni and Ruth Douthwright

February 12 – 19, 2017

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Not your typical yoga retreat, this week-long immersion will move you in ways that you never dreamed imaginable.

A typical yoga retreat is two classes a day, one in the morning, one at the end of the day. This retreat will be different. The classes will blend into the day, depending on where we are, our surroundings, the temperature, our moods. We will spend our entire day being aware of how we move, where we move, why we move, and the way we move.

We’ll play in the waves, stand under the waterfalls, soak in the hot springs, swim in the lagoon, watch the birds, climb the rocks, swim, surf, crawl, and do some yoga poses, all while learning about spirals, elastic recoil, the properties of fascia, walking mechanics, and falling.

Yoga is a state of mind, a quality of presence that we can live every moment., There is no beginning or end to the practice. Life is the practice.

Each day will have a theme. We’ll explore feet one day and shoulders the next. We’ll study anatomy and healthy biomechanics. We might do our studying under a palapa next to the waves, or in a restaurant having cold drinks.  

Our home base is an enlightened bohemian retreat centre called The Sanctuary. It’s situated a few blocks away from a gorgeous surf beach that stretches for miles.

Diane has been traveling to this area in Mexico for 20 years because of its beauty and accessibility. Her comfort level traveling into heavenly gems of nature will be intrinsic to the retreat experience.

The food at The Sanctuary is vegan. That means no meat, dairy or fish is served.  The menu is based on the work of Ann Wigmore and Gabriel Cousens. The menu has a specific purpose, which is to help cleanse and invite light into our bodies.The Sanctuary does not serve coffee, but there are cafes close by. There is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the property.

There will be three dinners and two lunches when the group ventures out into town or excursions into nature. At those times we will not be eating at The Sanctuary.

The travel expenses for excursions are not included. We’ll travel as a group in buses and taxis, which are affordable..

The price of the retreat reflects the level of luxury. It’s not fancy. It’s not right on the beach. Most rooms are shared accommodations for two or three people, with bathrooms are down the hall. There are two private rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom. These are priced at a premium.

In the morning we’ll have a delicious smoothie. If you need a bigger breakfast, the cafes nearby will serve you up eggs and beans etc.

The schedule will be different every day. Some days will be spent close to home base. Other days, we’ll pack our things and head out first thing in the morning for a whole day of adventure outside of town.

For those who choose to upgrade to more private accommodations, there are lovely options in the neighbourhood.

Here is one Diane highly recommends:

What is included in your accommodation package at The Sanctuary

  • 7 nights accommodations
  • Morning smoothie
  • 4 dinners
  • 4 lunches
  • 7 days with Diane and Ruth, morning to night facilitating personal and group yoga and    movement activities

If you find your own accommodations, you can join us for group meals at The Sanctuary, paying for your meals at the beginning of the week.  Anyone wishing to arrive early or stay longer can make arrangements with The Sanctuary, $50 a night in shared room, includes meals.

What’s not included:

  • Air fare
  • Ground transfer from Huatulco airport (we’ll help organize group transport, expect to pay $50 for a car, or take the bus for $5)
  • Transportation costs for excursions (expect to pay around $50)
  • 3 dinners (expect to pay $10-15 for a full meal)
  • 3 lunches
  • morning coffee


Yoga and Movement $765 (including all taxes)
Send the yoga portion to Diane, by email transfer,  Pay Pal or Visa

Accommodations are paid to The Sanctuary via pay pal, 60% at time of booking. The remainder in cash on arrival (or pay pal +5%).
Payment to be made in MXN Pesos at conversion rate on at the time of payment.

  • $350 US per person for a room with 3-4 people (possibly + staff in top bunk)
  • $415 US per person Healing room with 2 people
  • $425 US per person Nirvana room with 2 people
  • $470 US per person Mandala room double 2 people (private bath)
  • $435 US per person Love casita 2 people (private bath)

Ruth Douthwright

Ruth Douthwright is a Movement Educator and Dance Artist. For over a decade, Ruth has been a certified teacher of the Axis Syllabus offering individual movement therapy, regular classes, workshops and as a guest teacher with various Teacher Trainings programs both nationally and internationally. Graduate from LADMMI – École de danse contemporaine de Montréal with parallel studies in Body Mind Centering & Continuum, continued studies at Laban (London UK), The Body Weather Farm and The Kyoto Arts Centre (Japan). Ruth worked with Frey Faust ABCDC 2003-2008, L’Inattendue Compagnie 2006-2008, Dasein Dance Theatre 2014-2016. Ongoing research and performance in Ecological Bodying with Strange Strangers Collective: Caboose 2010, Confluence 2011 re-storying 2014 and Understories 2015. Ruth lives in London Ontario with her family and beloved dog. She runs programs in local schools, museums and arts organizations with LAIR – London Artist in Residence.

About the Method: The Axis Syllabus is a community of curious movement educators that share research and studies through experiential approaches and disciplines such as biomechanics, physics, sports science and somatic approaches. The practice uses spirals, undulations and looping movement cycles which are applied and practiced through dance and athleticism. The objective is to propose practical methods for moving dynamically while developing coordinated movement reactions. Rather than centring itself around aesthetic choices it asks the question, what movement is appropriate for an entire life of moving well? Originated by Frey Faust, the Axis Syllabus is now sustained by a community of contributors.