Diane Bruni

Diane Bruni on Functional Movement & Movement as Medicine

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This week on the podcast I am joined by Diane Bruni. Diane was the first female ashtanga teacher in Canada, a studio owner, a body worker, and now a teacher and practitoner of functional movement.

On this episode, Diane shares how she first got into yoga, what the yoga landscape was like 20-30 years ago, owning a yoga studio, what it’s been like shifting more towards functional movement, and what she’s learned throughout her career.


Business Lessons from this Episode: 

  • Word of mouth is the best way to get your name out there
  • You can have a good website, but that doesn’t make you a good teacher – put your practice and teaching first always
  • How the internet has changed the way we teach and practice
  • How we can teach for different bodies and different age ranges
  • Bringing more mobility into our yoga practice can help us to move in a less linear way
  • Do as many activities and exercises as possible to have more diversity in the way that we move our body
  • Take care of yourself first – you can’t help your students and build a career unless you’re feeling good in your own body
  • And much more… Here’s the episode!

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Connect with Diane: 

Diane Bruni
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