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I’m Not Dead Yet

I have stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. It’s in my liver and bones, maybe my lungs and thyroid. Every week I run into and get messages from people who’ve heard the news. I can tell by the tone of their words or the look in their eyes: they think I’m dying. Of course they’re right, […]

Special Edition with Diane Bruni

by Kathryn | Apr 1, 2019 | Mindful Strength Podcast This is unlike anything we have ever done before, we are telling the story of how yoga culture came to be in Toronto. My mom opened the first Ashtanga studio in Toronto over twenty years ago. This special edition podcast series is like a time capsule going back to a […]

Celebrating 100 Episodes with Diane Bruni

by Kathryn | Apr 4, 2019 | Mindful Strength Podcast This is part one and two of the 100th episode. This episode is like a time capsule, taking us back to the beginning of yoga in Toronto. From falling in love with yoga, to booming business, to debilitating injury and onward, this is quite the story.

Diane Bruni on Functional Movement & Movement as Medicine

The below podcast is from the web site “Mastering the Business of Yoga“ Listen on iTunes or Download Here. This week on the podcast I am joined by Diane Bruni. Diane was the first female ashtanga teacher in Canada, a studio owner, a body worker, and now a teacher and practitoner of functional movement. On this episode, Diane […]

Yoga Injuries

Ashtanga yoga–a practice designed for adolescent boys–served me well for years. It was my religion and frankly it became my addiction. Yoga is not meant to be a strict dogmatic practice, that’s something I imposed upon myself. For years I tried obsessively and zealously to get my legs behind my head. My story with yoga’s […]

Shaking Medicine and Yoga

Shaking, rocking, vibration, oscillating and undulating are natural human reactions to stress, trauma and ecstatic states. These rhythmic, shaking movements, have been present in all cultures and understood to be expressions of deep healing states. Used in healing modalities such as osteopathy, massage, shiatsu and qi gong for hundreds of years. These small back-and-forth movements […]

Yoga and Movement Retreat in Mexico

With Diane Bruni and Ruth Douthwright February 12 – 19, 2017 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Not your typical yoga retreat, this week-long immersion will move you in ways that you never dreamed imaginable. A typical yoga retreat is two classes a day, one in the morning, one at the end of the day. This retreat will […]

Emerging Trends in the Yoga Industry

Some of you know me from your days at Downward Dog Yoga, the studio I co-founded along with Ron Reid. Or you may have taken a class with me at 80 Gladstone Yoga and Movement, another studio I ran for three years after DWD. It has been a year since I sold 80 Gladstone and […]


Diane Bruni – “Ashtanga Unveiled” – First Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in Canada, Cancer Survivor, Whistleblower Diane Bruni was the first ashtanga yoga teacher in Canada. She stopped by J’s yoga class in Brooklyn and they sat down afterwards to talk about her story of yoga’s entrance into the mainstream, yoga injuries, and the new directions […]


Hypermobility is a condition that effects 10 to 20 percent of the population; the non medical term is ”double jointed”, and it may be present in one, or multiple joints. There is a strong genetic component to hypermobility, when I ask people about their mobile joints, they often tell me that their mother and siblings […]

Hip Injuries: Why So Prevalent?

After recent news about Kino MacGregor’s hip injury, I did a little research. She’s a major voice in the yoga world, and a role model to thousands of young women. I wanted to learn more about her, and her injury, since it represents what I see as a risk in the modern yoga world – […]

Reconsidering the Yoga Alliance

By Diane Bruni My yoga teacher training program is NOT certified by the Yoga Alliance. And I’m okay with that. In fact, I resist the Yoga Alliance, and consider it a useless organization that charges yoga studios for a certification that means almost nothing. I was a member of Yoga Alliance for many years, as […]

The New Wave of Yoga. ~ Kathryn Bruni-Young

My mom was one of the first female teachers in the country to have her own studio, which means I’ve essentially grown up in the yoga culture. In high school I started practicing more seriously, not really knowing where I would end up. At the end of 10 years I’ve come full circle with my […]

Shivers Up The Spine by Priya Thomas

On Friday, April 13th, 2012, Toronto yoga educator Diane Bruni was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 3 breast cancer and the dark side of the moon so graphically tattooed on her left arm (always a focus of my curiosity and admiration to be honest) would be a reminder that life mirrors the moon […]

Fashion Magazine – Gym / Spiritual stand in?

Is the gym becoming a spiritual stand-in? Examining cultish fitness communities, meditation workouts and muscle mantras Around the white, light-filled studio, flashes of lime green, fuchsia and black Lycra blur as a roomful of people sway together, balance one another overhead, roll around or gently connect palm to palm. We’re at 80 Gladstone—a movement studio […]