Happy New Year!

The beginning of the New Year is a perfect time to plant seeds in our hearts and minds for the year to come.

Our thoughts become our reality, chose your thoughts carefully creating a life for yourself that is in true keeping with your highest aspirations. There’s no rush, take it one breath, one thought, one seed, at a time.

I’m reconnecting these days with many of my ‘old regulars’ from Downward Dog. Many have had to take a break from doing yoga regularly, and unfortunately some have had to stop because of injuries. For many people yoga has become their main ‘workout’, which means people want a high level of intensity in their yoga class.

This approach works well for a certain demographic for a period of time. Eventually everyone encounters issues with repetitive strain, to help alleviate some of the suffering. I’m co teaching a workshop with Dr. Raza Awan (Synergy Sports medicine Clinic), Sunday January 5th called The Six Most Common Yoga Related Injuries.

Yoga teachers are at greatest risk of injury, come learn how to extend your career and prevent injuries in your students.

To celebrate the New Year, Jane Loney will be teaching an all levels class at 1:00 on January 1. Sign up on line to reserve your spot, drop ins are always welcome.

Jane teaches a class every Wednesday at 1:00 called Gentle Flow, this class is ideal for all ages and abilities. Maybe you know someone who is intimidated to try yoga, this would be the perfect class for them. All are welcomed, nurtured and healed in Jane’s care.

Happy New Year, may all your resolutions come true,
Diane Bruni