Sweat Equity interview with Diane Bruni

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Yoga Pioneer
Diane Bruni
Founder: 80 Gladstone
“ . . . yoga teaches us that the teacher is within . . . ”

You can’t talk about yoga’s beginnings in Canada without referencing Diane Bruni, who’s been practicing since the seventies and teaching for over two decades. If you’re over 40, her long-time television show, Breathing Space Yoga, could well have been your first introduction to yoga.

She’s credited for teaching the very first Astanga class in Canada and co-founding Downward Dog Yoga Centre, one of the first hubs for yoga in Toronto. A higher-profile teacher, Diane may have been perceived as a yoga traditionalist but her open mind and ongoing thirst for knowledge has kept her yoga life rich with twists and turns. Cancer, injury, and good old life experience eventually led this yoga pioneer on yet another exploration of movement at her new studio, 80 Gladstone.